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Product Designer

About Opus

110 Million US workers don't sit at a desk all day. They make up 70% of the American workforce. Yet, pretty much nobody builds quality software in the space.

It’s Opus’s mission to create a world where every deskless worker has a good job. We believe that excellent on-the-job training is the foundation of this. We know we have succeeded when companies that employ a large deskless population will, for the first time ever, get insight into which employees are thriving, calculate the value they add to the business, and achieve equitable upward mobility.

What you’ll be working on

We build for three distinct groups of people: Trainees, Managers, and Admins. Each of those user types have very different experiences in the workplace, leading to a unique set of problems.

  • Trainee App (Android/IOS) - Most training content is desktop based, either taking CMS web-pages or Presentation Slides as the starting point. This leaves behind everyone who's on the go and not at a desk. So we chose a chat interface instead. You will be working on pushing this format to new levels, delivering the most intuitive and joyful way to train this industry has ever seen.
  • Manager App (Android/IOS) - Managers are responsible for onboarding everyone at their location, making sure everyone knows what they need to know to get started. Traditionally overlooked, we believe building great tools for Managers is the secret sauce to making training work for everyone. It will be your job to identify completely new ways for them to deliver fast, small, bites of training to a team where many different languages are spoken.
  • Admin Dashboard (Web) - This is where Training Directors set up and manage the entire system. Inviting users, managing their content library, etc. But it’s our authoring tool where we want to shine. Where most tools optimize for giving builders the most options to style content, we instead  focus on collaboration (realtime sync a la Figma/Notion), auto-translations (instantly publish to all your trainees, not just the English speaking ones), and speed (constant iteration of the UX). This is where you come in.

Who you’ll be working with

Vince Li, Head of Design

Vince is part of the founding team together with Rachael and Jeff. Prior to Opus he worked at Managed by Q where he was Design Director and managed a team of 7 designers, including lead designers Ashwini Purohit and Lily Piyathaisere. Before he moved to New York he ran his own design studio in Amsterdam.

Claudio Vallejo, Software Engineer

Claudio started his career as a product designer and is now an engineer who can take on projects end to end. Currently he's working on the first version of our design system. Learn more about him on this Design Details episode.

Rachael Nemeth, CEO

Rachael worked at restaurants most of her career. She started ESL Works (what eventually became Opus) by giving in-person English classes after work to the kitchen staff. She has deep industry knowledge and is for most projects a huge source of information.

What we’re looking for

We believe great designers can come from anywhere, no matter your background. For this role however, we require extensive experience shipping product at startups. If you feel you lack that background but are still excited, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

  • You are mission driven and care deeply about the people we serve.
  • You have worked at one or two startups before and have no problem owning, and shipping against, some of our biggest problems.
  • You love the craft and understand typography, color, and layout. But ultimately you’re driven by the outcomes the product creates in the world.
  • You understand the value of design process and know that no post-it session ever comes close to hard work: Talk to all the people, consider all the options.
  • You deeply understand the work Engineers do (maybe you even code yourself) and you collaborate as easily with them as with fellow designers.
  • Most of us are based in New York, but we’re open to applicants from all over the world.

Interview process

  1. Coffee or phone call with Vince. We’ll simply discuss what we’re both looking for and see if there’s a match at a high level.
  2. Portfolio Review with Vince (Head of Design) and Jeff (VP of engineering). 1 to 2 hours of you walking us through your best work. We look for results, ownership, mistakes, triumphs and all that makes designing at startups fun and hard.
  3. Final conversation with Vince and Rachael (CEO). We’ll discuss details and resolve any doubt we might have. If there’s a match the offer will follow right after.


  • Competitive salary and equity
  • Medical, dental, vision benefits
  • Beautiful Office in Chinatown, New York
  • Work from home flexibility with WFH stipend
  • Parent friendly work culture - 40% of our team has kids.
  • Unlimited paid time off
  • Monthly phone stipend
  • Commuter benefit
  • FSA
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