Essential COVID-19 training for businesses

Comply with OSHA guidelines and state COVID requirements with high-impact employee training delivered over text message.


COVID training designed for your workforce

Opus designs and delivers high-impact, text-based training for employees. We work with businesses up and down the supply chain, from restaurants and cleaning companies to manufacturing facilities and grocery chains. Since March of 2020, we have provided COVID training to over 400 businesses across the US.

Delivered over text message and WhatsApp

Available in English and Spanish, translated by professionals

Automatically refreshed as state laws and OSHA guidelines change

How it works

Sign Up Quickly and Securely

Managers invite employees to training via mobile. Employees sign up over text message or WhatsApp.

Get Micro-Lessons Daily

At the start of each workday, employees complete 3-minute micro-lessons.

Acknowledge and Reward

Your team learns quickly and gets personalized, digital certificates. So does your business!

Get full visibility into employee training

Managers track employees.
Executives view compliance metrics and get access to all training data.

Manager dashboard

Executive dashboard

Bring comfort to your customers

Get a digital certificate for your company website when you complete the Opus COVID training program.

Stay compliant with COVID requirements by state

The Opus COVID training program is updated regularly and reflects the latest OSHA, CDC, and WHO guidelines. Our team releases new courses based on developing COVID requirements by state and is compliant in the following states:

Promote a safe workplace

$2 per employee/month billed annually

$3 per employee billed monthly

🍔  Now free for all local independent restaurants!