New York COVID Training for Businesses

All regions in New York State remain in Phase 4 of Governor Cuomo's reopening plan. This phase expanded the types of businesses permitted to reopen––such as gyms and media production––in accordance with industry-specific COVID work guidelines.

As part of these guidelines, all businesses included in Phase 1 through 4 are "required to train all personnel" on new protocols and communicate safety guidelines. To ensure businesses are in compliance with their industry-specific COVID work guidelines and COVID training, fines can be administered that range up to $10,000.

Opus has developed COVID training programs that comply with both New York COVID requirements and OSHA safety guidelines. Opus's text-based training is accessible to your employees and enables you to promote a safe workplace for your staff and customers

New York State Requirements

New York state's COVID requirements and guidelines vary by industry. The following protocols are required for all food services and essential services workers.

Health & safety

PPE provided by employer to employees

Masks worn by employees to enter

Masks worn by customers to enter

Temperature check for employees to enter

Temperature checks for customers to enter

Health screening for employee

Illness reporting by employee

Illness reporting by customer

Planning & procedure

Social distancing (at least 6 ft) by employees and customers

COVID training for employees

COVID preparedness plan

Visible signage about COVID protocols

Contact tracing plan

Indoor dining

For restaurants

Indoor dining will go into effect on September 30th with limits of 50% capacity in counties outside of NYC and 25% capacity in New York City.

Data as of 9/09/2020

New York COVID Citations

Governor Cuomo put into place fines of up to $10,000 for all businesses not following New York COVID requirements. Restaurants may also have their liquor license suspended if COVID requirements are violated.

119 businesses in NYC have already received fines for COVID citations

As of 9/9/2020

Opus COVID Training

Opus provides high-impact COVID training for employees delivered over text message. Our COVID training program is based on the latest OSHA, CDC, and WHO guidelines and directly addresses New York State COVID requirements, with trainings on:

Face coverings and gloves

Social distancing at work

Customer service during COVID

Health screenings

Reporting illness

Personal hygiene & coming to work

How it works

Sign Up Quickly and Securely

Managers invite employees to training via mobile. Employees sign up over text message or WhatsApp.

Get Micro-Lessons Daily

At the start of each workday, employees complete 3-minute micro-lessons.

Acknowledge and Reward

Your team learns quickly and gets personalized, digital certificates. So does your business!

Supporting businesses through reopening

"Opus was an integral resource in our reopening. The ability to get our staff trained and up to speed quickly was critical in this uncertain and ever changing environment. The seamless use of text as a training and educational format is effective and efficient for employees from all parts of our business."

Aldy, Owner
Perry's Restaurants, San Francisco Bay Area

Training Thousands of Employees Up and Down the Supply Chain

Prioritize safe reopening

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$5 per employee billed monthly

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