Customer Stories

Hear from our customers. See why their teams love using Opus and how they're taking their training mobile-first.

Pomegranate Hospitality

When Pomegranate Hospitality's LMS failed, they turned to Opus.

36-Unit, Luke's Lobster Scales Up Training and Inclusivity

"Training on this scale without a major time or labor cost associated is a miracle." - Joshua Allen, Director of Training at Luke's Lobster

Multi-unit Texas Restaurant Group, Black Walnut Cafe Stays Compliant

"Training goes hand in hand with trying to create a safe environment for your employees and your guests." - Barret Bailey, Senior Director of Training at Black Walnut Cafe

San Francisco-based Restaurant Group Perry's Reopens All Locations

"Opus has created greater sensitivity and a much higher level of awareness." - Aldy Butler, General Manager of Perry's

Food Production Commissary, Great Performances, Ramps Up New Hires

"Everything's moving so fast now, there's no time to wait. Now, when employees get hired, they get enrolled into Opus." - Josh Satterthwaite, VP of Operations at Great Performances