San Francisco-based Restaurant Group Perry's Reopens All Locations

"Opus has created a greater sensitivity and a much higher level of awareness."

Aldy Butler is the General Manager of Perry's restaurants, which has been serving classic American food in the San Francisco Bay area for 50 years. Aldy's father, Perry Butler, opened the restaurant's first location on Union Street in San Francisco in 1969, followed by a second location in Embarcadero in 2008, and a third in Larkspur in 2015.

Safety and compliance has always been a priority for Aldy and his team at Perry's. When restaurants were permitted to reopen in California after the initial shutdown from COVID-19, they had to comply with different regulations for the city of San Francisco and Larkspur, in Marin county.

How has reopening been at Perry's?

We opened weeks after when we could have, just to be sure that we had all our ducks in a row. We have a good relationship with our local health inspectors. We have been inspected at each of the locations. We took the compliance seriously. We had and still have the required plan and we have employees doing symptom screening and temperature checks.

We felt overwhelmed by reopening in this environment though––not just the compliance component but the thought of exposure happening in one of our restaurants. We felt we needed to go through whatever channels necessary to be sure we were really, really ready. Plenty of restaurants around us had cluster outbreaks and had to close. Knock on wood that hasn't happened to us, but after reading about how serious it is, I felt an increased amount of responsibility for our employees and our customers. We felt an immense amount of pressure to be sure we were doing everything the right way, and compliance goes hand in hand with that.

Why was COVID training important at Perry's?

We realized COVID training was going to be such an important part of reopening, and were looking at different ways to do that. One approach was a 10 minute Serve Safe video. It wasn't interactive, and so arguably, not very effective. Even though it covered a lot of information, you could put it on your phone or computer and tune it out. So knowing that COVID training was such an important requirement, we were looking at how to get people the best information. Opus's text module was interactive.

There's just so much information swirling out there. It's hard to pin down what is accurate, I realized. But the ability to give people confidence that they know what it is, it is a hard thing to grasp these days.

How did your staff respond to Opus COVID training?

The information that they found to be most novel is what they remember the most––the least known facts. A lot of people were talking about the fact that your phone is as dirty as a toilet seat. Now everybody is cleaning their phone with sanitizer or disinfectant wipes before and after their shifts, or putting it in a Ziploc bag, because they recognize the hazard that it could present. These facts have created a greater sensitivity and a much higher level of awareness, which is obviously required to do business now.

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