Pomegranate Hospitality

Pomegranate Hospitality is a New Orleans-based hospitality group with four Israeli eateries. Training and teaching employees across four unique concepts had always been a challenge.

"We explored different software, but they are all replicating one another. Opus is different. It is a fresh perspective on learning software." says Amanda Quintal, director of operations.

So as soon as the company began to get on track after reopening post-COVID, they needed a long-term solution to fix to their training issues. They were looking for a training program that was user friendly, easy to navigate, and simple for everyone on their forntline team.

Out With the Old, In With Opus

Previously, Pomegranate Hospitality worked with Schoox’s Learning Engagement module, but found that it was difficult to get the team to log in, its navigation tutorial was confusing and there were too many steps to get the training info out to the employees. They were tired of having another log-in; sick of finding courses that weren’t engaging; and the entire team was frustrated by programs that ignored the work-life balance. 

Even when Pomegranate managed to load material onto the site, employees didn’t know it was there, so they weren’t logging on to view it - and they knew their employees weren’t going to randomly browse the site daily just to see what was new. “Our cooks aren’t going to go in and decide what they want to learn about on any given day,” Quintal says.

Why Pomegranate Switch to Opus

Mobile-First Approach

The first thing Quintal noticed was the ability for her team to use Opus from their phones, which was a game changer. “They’re all always on their phones, and so why not engage them via text message?” she says. “And the help we got from Opus to navigate through the build-outs and all templates was super easy.” 

Accommodating All Use Cases

Amanda and her team at Opus needed to support dozens of training use:. new hire training, ESL, menu training, standard operating procedures, harassment training, leadership training. They way that we learn depends on so many factors: where you're at in your employee life cycle, your educational background, your language skills, even how you're shifted. With Opus, every employee's journey can now be one size fits one. Opus is not just a knowledge hub with a log in. It is helping Pomegranate Hospitality create learning pathways their operation grows.

Great service

Quintal, who says she was nervous about the tech learning curve to create the templates and courses, says she was surprised by how easy it was. During the onboarding, Opus phoned her weekly to make sure she understood how to launch, and to help her communicate with a restaurant team that wasn’t in front of their computers every day. “That’s something that teams really appreciate in the restaurant industry,” Quintal says. 

Fast Course-building

Through Opus, Quintal’s team was able to upload links to videos and slideshows, which were texted to the team as part of their interactive training. She says she appreciates that the tracking was automatically done for her, so she didn’t have to dig through to pull reports and profiles to see who completed which sections of their training: It was sll there on the dashboard. “And so it really eliminates that need for a dedicated training team,” Quintal says.

Pomegranate Hospitality

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