No months-long setup.

No emails or passwords.

No manager admin time.


Employees opt in with a phone number

No email is ever needed in order to use Opus. Invite your workforce securely over text. They opt in via SMS or WhatsApp and in their preferred language. Signup is inclusive and instant. We act as the middle-human, so you don’t have to.

Engagement happens at the perfect time

Work days are unpredictable. Lesson times are set and updated with our "Smart Scheduling" technology. Track training patterns by day and hour.

Text message courses are accessible and effective

Micro-training improves learning outcomes by 300%. Deliver interactive, audio-visual courses in any language. Each lesson takes 3 minutes, includes a fun assessment or survey, and gives instant feedback so each team member builds skills and confidence. Employees earn performance badges and digital certificates

Managers track direct reports on mobile

Invite your managers as Opus leaders. They get the power to invite their team, track, reward, and encourage them. Managers don't need a computer or email to use Opus. Expect abounding 'thanks'!

Track insights and witness growth

What locations are are out of compliance? Which employees are showing potential for growth? We curate meaningful insights for you while helping you build connective tissue with your frontline workforce.