No painful integrations.

No months-long setup.

No apps, emails, or passwords.


Employees get access with a single text

To start, your workforce gets an automated, secure invite over text message. They can opt in via SMS or Whatsapp and in their preferred language. Signup is truly instant. We act as the middleman, so you don’t have to.

Training is done at the ideal time

Work days are unpredictable. Training drill times can be set and adjusted via text message with "Smart Scheduling". Employees engage at the perfect time during their shift.

Training Drills are accessible and effective

Training Drills engage your team with interactive questions, answers, feedback, and facts. They’re compliant, interesting, audio-visual (but don’t use videos — they’re passive), graded to reach all reading levels, and take 3 minutes to complete.

Supervisors can track direct reports

Managers don’t need an app or log in. They register via text in under 3 minutes. Then, they get the power to invite their direct reports, track, reward, and encourage them with our “nudge” feature”.  We ❤️ managers, so much.

We track dozens of metrics for you

What departments are excelling? Who’s falling behind and who’s keeping up? From top-line, global data all the way down to Gabriel completing her first training drill. We give you everything and curate it beautifully.