Opus Training, the leading mobile-first training solution for employers with a "deskless" workforce, has announced an ongoing partnership with MenuTrinfo®, a leader in food handlers certification, food allergy training, and nutritional labeling certification.

The partnership will allow Opus to offer ANSI-accredited AllerTrain® courses to its customers and provide MenuTrinfo® customers the option of a mobile-first technology platform through the Opus mobile platform.

Keep customers safe

Ensure food safety practices and knowledge on food allergies.

Stay compliant

AllerTrain courses are ANSI-accredited classes and meet current and forthcoming mandates across the nation.

Reduce labor costs

Get your entire team certified at a lower cost.

“MenuTrinfo has been delivering ANSI-accredited training for over a decade in person and on traditional eLearning platforms. That changes with the Opus partnership. Opus brings its nationally-respected training technology into a new arena with a platform that meets learners where they are. Providing great content to make it a huge win ultimately for everyone.” - Betsy Craig, CEO of MenuTrinfo