We've spent hundreds hours with HR leaders, lawyers specializing in wage & hour law. One thing is clear: Scheduling and HRIS integrations do not automatically make your LMS compliant. We love scheduling platforms, but it is not their job to ensure your training is compliant with wage & hour laws for training. It is your learning platform's job.

Opus Compliance Suite

• 80/20 compliant

• Custom "training expectations" lesson

• On-the-clock confirmation

• Session time tracking

• Date-stamped, digital, downloadable certificates

Is your current learning platform...

1. ...supporting you with a registration experience that confirms employees have read your "on-the-clock training" policy?

2. ...multilingual, so that 100% of your team can access the same training?

3. ...preventing employees from taking home their training?

4. ...verifying that employees are clocked in while they train?

5. ...providing you a detailed, exportable record with session time?

6. ...a microtraining solution that doesn't interfere with 80/20 (for restaurants)

⬆️ If you answered "no" to any of these questions, your business could be at risk.