Majority of frontline workers rely on their phones more than anything else. 110 million American workers - from hourly employees to managers - are deskless, it’s easier to engage them via their phones. This can be done across all locations and all teams.

Deliver Inclusive Training

For every 1 employee with an email, 2.5 have a cell phone. Learning Management Systems (LMS) aren't built for employers with a "deskless" workforce, and paper training is hard to manage. Mobile-first training ensures that learning is inclusive and efficient for 100% of your frontline.

Activate Micro-Courses

The global attention span in shrinking. And, the way employers train their multi-generational workforce is changing. We use spaced learning which increases knowledge retention and help employees learn faster. By sending bite-sized lessons your team is learn more, faster.

Build On-The-Fly

When you're short-staffed, ensuring your team is prepared is critical. But, the stress of training hundreds of employees on a new process of procedure is debilitating when there are other tasks to complete. Opus was designed to help you create and distribute lessons in minutes.

Resources Hub

Every company needs one. A place where you can store files and resources that employees can access easily. The resources hub is a mobile-first employee drive. Store and organize manuals, videos, and other files for your frontline. All while your employees have resources at their fingertips while on the job.

Plan Skill Paths

Tracking the progress of hundreds of employees across multiple locations is hard and costly. And, managers don't have time to sit in an office doing admin work. Opus helps you automate skill paths along the employee journey, adding a layer of support your managers will thank you for.

Translate Courses Quickly

22 percent of the U.S. population does not speak English at home. Many employers report that number being higher among their frontline workforce. It's important to have a solution that is not only technologically accessible, but also linguistically accessible. Opus uses AI-driven translation technology that eliminates the need to copy-paste from Google Translate while increasing accuracy.

Deploy Media In New Ways

In the new era of work, there are several forms of media available for learning assets. We support them all. Access 1 Billion free media assets as well as full and partial course templates so that you can build engaging micro-courses in minutes.

Engage Managers Easily

A Gallup study found that managers account for 70% of variance in employee engagement. This leads to knowledge gaps and breaks in compliance. The Opus mobile app helps managers invite, track, and even nudge their team quickly and within working hours.