It is important that your team is being trained in the language they are most comfortable speaking. This creates a cohesive team working environment, increases knowledge retention and transfer, and leads to employee retention and promotion.

No More Google Translate

We beg you, please. At the same time, we don't blame you. There hasn't been a solution out there that's fast, easy, and effortless. No more copy-paste-save-check. No more translators. Opus translation technology helps you deliver mobile-first courses in every employee's preferred language, without any copy-paste madness and with 10% better accuracy than Google Translate.

Out With Text Boxes

There's a rumor running around that LMS is selling "translation technology" that turns out to be empty text boxes you need to manually copy and paste translations into. It doesn't have to be that way. Simply choose the languages your organization needs to support. Opus will take care of the rest, ensuring that 100% of the courses you build are automatically translated.

Support Your Managers

Translations need to extend beyond training and into communication. Admins and managers access auto-translations when sending message blasts, knowing that they have reached everyone and that everyone understood.

How It Works

Everyone uses the term AI. We use it meaningfully -- to support inclusive learning and save you time. Using NLP for word detection in the Opus Microcourse Builder is a key component of ensuring that admins can create chat-based courses in under 20 minutes. Then, we leverage neural networks for automated translations and a proprietary machine learning model to understand the quality of those translations, ensuring that we achieve 95-99% accuracy.