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Tips and insights on training, the service industry, and tech for businesses with "deskless" employees.

What is Frontline Business Intelligence?

Data is a powerful tool for businesses. From internal customers to internal employees, businesses can gain valuable insights if they know how to collect and use it.

Why translation technology is changing the game in workplace learning

We’ve seen that modern translation technology is actually getting better and better. How good is it exactly?

What is Gamification in Training?

Is Gamification Worth the Effort? Get this expert guide on how to use gamification for employee training without using distracting games

Is micro-learning right for your business?: Take the quiz

Take this short quiz and find if a microlearning program is the best solution for your business.

What is micro learning?: A beginner’s guide

Micro-learning takes advantage of the spacing effect by delivering bits of information in short bursts. It's a research-backed methodology. Get the beginner's guide.

Does training really decrease turnover?

You hear it all the time "get this Learning Management System and your turnover will disappear - like MAGIC!" The truth is, the tech won't reduce turnover, but your training program could. Here are the myths and facts about training's relationship with decreased turnover.

How to Overcome Talent Shortage

Research shows that talent shortages are now the number one risk facing companies around the world. With this in mind, we've interviewed Agatha Drake, President of One Haus to provide her insights and top tips to creatively respond to this challenge.

How increased food prices are affecting more than the bottom line

Price increases are heavily affecting everyone. Despite the challenges, many local businesses are helping those who need them most.

Tips To Deliver Inclusive Training

Even in companies with great company culture, inclusion and accessibility can sometimes take second place when it comes to employee training. To deliver inclusive training, you first need to create a culture of inclusion.

Top 6 POS for Restaurants

Restaurant point-of-sale (POS) systems are an essential part of any restaurant business. Whichever provider you choose, a good POS system will help streamline every aspect of your restaurant. Here's a list of 6 great POS systems for your operation.

A Guide to Restaurant Employee Benefits

We sat down with Richard Hartman to discuss the best ways to maximize restaurant employee benefits and minimize risks. Richard is the Industry Leader for Food & Beverage/Hospitality for the Marsh & McLennan Agency.

The Changes Training directors Have Seen In Technology: Coffee Edition

We sat down with Emily Rosenberg, the Director of Education at Stumptown Coffee Roasters, to discuss the unique aspects of training for the café industry.

9 LA Restaurants You Need to Visit

We've tracked down the best restaurants and eateries near our L.A. office. Sri Lankan-Mexican fusion cuisine, Omakase sushi, and other mind-boggling flavor combinations are must-tries on your next trip to Los Angeles.

Podcast with Zalat CEO, live from the Texas Restaurant Show

In the latest episode of The Frontline, Opus CEO Rachael Nemeth was on the road and live at the Texas Restaurant Show in Dallas Texas where she chats with Khanh Nguyen, CEO of Zalat Pizza.

Opus For CHART 2022 Winners

22 training and people leaders just won a free annual membership to CHART for our biannual giveaway. Are you one of the lucky hospitality training pros and operators that will have access to the CHART network?

The Transformative Training Trends in Cafes & Coffee Shops

Training professionals are the first to be cut. Companies quickly recognize the mistake in doing so. Technology has helped mitigate the reduction of trainers in departments across the industry. We discussed with Christine SanJuan, from Caffѐ Nero, the changes Training Directors have seen in their careers

How Ovation Optimizes Customer Feedback

We sat down with Zack Oates, Founder & CEO, and Jake Levine, Head Of Partnerships, from Ovation to talk about all things feedback. Ovation is a customer feedback platform to help restaurants collect and see real data.

Justin Khanna of the Repetoire Podcast Hosts Rachael Nemeth

Justin Khanna, the host of The Repertoire Podcast, featured CEO, Rachael Nemeth. Listen to Rachael and Justin as they share perspectives on what’s ahead for training, teaching, and learning in the restaurant industry.

17 of Our Favorite Austin Restaurants

From mission-driven burger spots to upscale Modern-fusion restaurants, Austin, Texas is home to an array of amazing dining. We’ve compiled an epic guide to the best Austin Restaurants you can find in 2022.

8 Great Books for Training Directors

Whether you are an aspiring Chief Learning Officer or new to training, lifetime learning is key. We’ve compiled a list of 8 books every learning and development professional should read.

A Training Pros Journey to Digitizing Training

We got to sit down with Denise Morales, the National Field Trainer, at a large QSR brand to talk about the switch from paper to digital training.

The Evolution of Culinary Training: Interview with Chef Keith Denard Jones

We sat down with Chef Keith Denard Jones, a culinarian with a career that spans more than forty years. With his experience as an executive chef, Chef Keith gave us his expert opinion on training in the food industry.

The Dippin' Dots Approach to Training

We sat down with Dippin’ Dots Manager of Training & Operations, Sara Bradley to discuss how she engages with Gen Z and Millennial employees to implement effective training.

How Fazolis saved time and increased engagement with in-house training videos

Operators are changing how they invest in training.‍ In 2021 US employers spent 91 billion dollars on training. We sat down with Kevin Karnes, Director of Training at Fazolis to learn more about how he invests in his frontline employees.

Busting Myths on Content Creation

We sat down with Julianne Mullins, the Technology Instructor at The Training Associates, to debunk the myth that creating training content takes a great deal of work.

How to Calculate Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is correlated with better business results. So, what exactly is employee engagement and how do you measure it?

Building a Training Culture By Empowering Managers

We sat down with Angelina Sabatini, the Director of Training and Development at Fords Garage to learn more about how she operationalizes the training program and creates a culture of learning and development.

6 Tips for Making Employee Training Effective

Generating employee training content does not have to be difficult. We’ve come up with a list of tips to help you succeed in creating effective training material.

Using Technology to Scale Training

Gina LeClair, Manager of Training and Development at Viejas Casino & Resort, provided us with some essential tips on how to create a training culture that permeates through various departments and roles.

Our Favorite Chinatown Restaurants

Chinatown is known for its busy streets, iconic souvenirs, and delicious eats. From black sesame desserts to spicy soups, our team loves food just as much as we love building Opus. It’s also where our main office is located.

Opus and Rethink Food Collaborate to address Food Waste and Food Insecurity 

We're excited to announce an ongoing partnership with Rethink Food, a nonprofit with the mission to create a more sustainable and equitable food system.

The Science Behind MicroLearning

As technology advances, the ability to retain educational material in a sit-down setting has become increasingly difficult. The key to learning is brevity.

Opus and MenuTrinfo help foodservice providers become food-allergen certified

We're excited to announce an exclusive partnership with MenuTrinfo®, a leader in ANSI-certified food handlers certification, food allergy training, and nutritional labeling certification.

Trust20 Makes Training Interactive

Stephanie Wethington, General Manager at Trust20, employs a holistic approach when it comes to training. They’ve prioritized training strategies that provide concise, engaging content for frontline teams.

Training Content Development Strategies: Fireside Chat Re-Cap

Hear Rachael Nemeth, CEO of Opus Training, and Matt Nelson, CEO of Modern Training and CHART Partner as they walk us through their best strategies for creating great content that's accessible to everyone.

The Future of Allergen Training

We sat down with Betsy Craig, CEO and Founder of MenuTrinfo and Kate Corre, Manager of Training and eLearning at MenuTrinfo for their expert predictions of allergen training.

Best Restaurant Industry Conferences of 2022

In-person events are making a comeback in 2022! Here are eight conferences and trade shows that every restaurant operator should consider attending. These food service shows are well-respected and will highlight what's to come in the food industry.

The Gregorys Coffee Approach to Training

We sat down with Sam Gonzalez, the Manager of Training and Communication at Gregorys Coffee for his strategies of training in his growth vertical, bakeries/cafes, and what L&D pros need in the toolbox of training.

Our Top 2022 Conferences for Training Professionals

View our favorite conferences that are bringing the best solutions forward for L&D leaders. From ed-tech to learning at work to think tank-type symposiums, these are our five must-attend events of 2022.

How to leverage training to keep employees: an interview with Marletha Booker

We sat down with training director Marletha Booker to get her perspective on the world of restaurant training.

The Future of Restaurant Training: Gen-Z

People need to be heard. But Gen-Z expects to be heard. With information at our fingertips, people are also more likely to express their thoughts and concerns. Hear from established L&D professionals, Julianna Voyles and Priscilla Olgin, on the future of restaurant training.

2022 Frontline Technology: Fireside Chat Re-Cap

What's next for restaurant technology? It's not what it seems. In the headlines there is "delivery tech", but behind the scenes, the "restaurant tech stack" is getting more sophisticated in the new era of work.

Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Hospitality Retention

Laura Ratner, Director of Service & Training at Lawry’s Restaurants, and Elisa Singh, Human Resources Manager at Field Goods Chicken provided their expert opinion on the advantages of technological integration and emotional intelligence in hospitality training.

From SMS to a Mobile App: Accessibility at Opus

We migrated our training experience from SMS to a mobile app - Opus VP of Engineering Jeff Silver wrote about what led to us rethinking accessibility.

What is SCORM?

SCORM is the best-known content architecture in the learning industry. But many businesses are finding its methodology outdated. Still using SCORM? There’s a better way.

What Is The Federal Vaccine Mandate?

What do restaurant operators need to know about the covid vaccine mandate? The Biden administration vaccine and testing requirement for private businesses apply to 80 million American workers.

What Is Don's World of Beef?

The real story behind Don's World of Beef. Learn about CEO Rachael Nemeth's family history and how she honors her grandfather today at Opus.

2021 Year in Review with Rachael Nemeth of Opus Training

‍Tech Bites (Heritage Radio Network) host Jennifer Leuzzi held her 3rd annual “end of year look back” and featured CEO, Rachael Nemeth. Listen to Rachael and Jennifer’s conversation as they share perspectives on what’s ahead for tech, training, and the hospitality industry in 2022.

The Blended Approach to Training

We interviewed Shannon Beyak, the Learning & Development Manager at Freshii for her expert predictions of restaurant training. Shannon shares her thoughts on technology, her blended learning approach, tips for people interested in the learning and development field, and more.

Hospitality Training Outlook: 5 Trends To Watch in 2022

Restaurants need to strategize for 2022 and beyond. Innovation is happening in both the training and restaurant industries and employers are investing in their ideas.

Ultimate Food Handlers Certification Guide: State by State

Regulations and guidelines in the food industry are hard to keep up with. Although not all states require certification and training, it's best to have your team be equipped with basic food safety knowledge. This guide includes each state's requirements or recommendations for food handlers certification and other food licenses.

Maximize Food Safety, Minimize Food Waste

$165 billion in food is wasted each year in the United States. 20% of food waste is due to employee confusion over date labeling. Learn how restaurants are saving money while reducing food waste.

Food Handlers or Food Managers?

Are you having difficulty deciding between the food handlers card versus the food management certificate? There are many similarities, but key differences that depend on your role and responsibility.

The Future of Restaurant Training

How can restaurants retain employees? The solution to hiring and retaining employees lies within training and development. Hear from Tiffany Perez, Director Of Training And Development at Salata, and Katie Tosov, Director Of Training at Zalat Pizza.

Federal Vaccine Mandate: What You Need to Know

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has proposed the Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) concerning the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Our Partnership with Modern Training

Opus is showing its strength in a partnership with Modern Training, custom and off-the-shelf content development company, that will catapult restaurant learning into the new era of work.

How To Develop Content, Easily

Actionable content development advice from the CEO of Modern Training. Our favorite tip: keep learning going. Inertia leads to more inertia.

New Texas Sexual Harassment Compliance Requirements

As of September 1st, 2021, Texas significantly expanded employer obligations under state sexual harassment laws. Robust sexual harassment prevention training is recommended for all employees.

Why Mobile Learning Works

Managers alone account for 70% of variance in employee engagement. Why taking your training mobile-first helps managers and hourly employees.

What Is Spaced Learning?

Spaced learning was invented more than a century ago. It’s still used today. How spaced learning helps frontline employees train faster.

What Is Blended Learning?

Classroom training is a challenge for operators. Blended learning can help solve for lack of time, space, and labor dollars.

The Best Restaurant Scheduling Apps

We found the easiest, simplest apps that will help you handle schedules, time off, overtime, heavier shifts, holidays and even payroll.

Does Digital Training Work?

Is "going digital" the best option for your business? Here's what to consider before making the leap.

The Best Places to Post Restaurant Jobs

Our favorite platforms for recruiting restaurant employees will not only deepen your talent pipeline, but also develop an inclusive recruitment culture.

Southern Glazer Wine and Sprits Podcast Hosts Rachael Nemeth

Served Up, a podcast by Southern Glazer Wine and Spirits, welcomes with guest Rachael Nemeth. Get the highlights here.

2021 Events for Restaurant Operators

The top 5 conferences for restaurant operators happening in this year...in person.

2021 Conferences for Training Professionals

Our list of the best conferences for training and development professionals in 2021. Register for at least one before it's too late!

Five Strategies For Attracting Frontline Talent To Your Restaurant

The restaurant industry is below pre-pandemic employment. Follow these 5 solutions to attract frontline talent to your restaurant.

New York Sexual Harassment Compliance Checklist

Sexual harassment prevention training for employees working in New York City must meet these specifications in order to be compliant with NYC law. Is your training compliant?

6 Podcasts for Restaurant Industry Operators

We put together 5 impact podcasts which explore the significance of prioritizing both your customers and your employees happiness and needs and living and leading by example.

Summer Training Events for Restaurant Operators

A well-trained workforce saves your restaurant time & money, and increases productivity. Are you looking to maintain a competitive advantage in the restaurant industry? Then, summer training events are the answer.

How to Solve for the Restaurant Labor Shortage in 2021

The food industry was hit hard during the pandemic. Now we're facing another crisis - hiring. Or is this the same problem we have always seen in the industry?

3 Ways To Make Company Messages Clearer and More Inclusive

Company policies are adjusting as rapidly as the country is reopening. But, are you communicating clearly to your team?

Is your business eligible for sick leave tax credits?

The Biden administration is making immediate tax credits are available to businesses that offer their employees paid sick leave. 💸

Industry Digest: Week 15

McDonald's doubles down on anti-harassment training, employee education program drives professional growth at Chipotle, the return of the Michelin star, and the open plan office is over.

Innovations in Restaurant Employee Training

Rachael Nemeth, CEO of Opus, hosted an intimate chat with John Isbell, Kelly McCutcheon, and Frank Palmieri, leaders in hospitality training. They talked about what's working (and not) in the restaurant employee L&D space.

Industry Digest: Week 14

50% of employees plan to look for a new job this year, the history of the dining table, operators discuss the customer data revolution, workplace harassment laws are incomplete, and re-skilling your workforce is the key to success

Industry Digest: Week 13

Contactless condiments, how interrupting during meetings can support inclusivity, 75% of HR professionals perform duties beyond their role, Chipotle invests in autonomous delivery, and why companies are vaccinating employees at work.

WTF Is A Frontline Tech Stack?

Highlights from our Fireside Chat 🔥 with Rachael Nemeth (CEO, Opus), Pete Ginsberg (CEO, Onaroll), and Michael Jacober (CEO, Blanket) on the pressing need for "frontline-first" technology.

Free, weekly COVID Guide for Restaurants: March 22, 2021

Free COVID guide for restaurants (link updated weekly)

The Ultimate Guide To ESL for Frontline Workers

Is ESL politically correct? Is ESL just for Spanish-speakers? The only ESL FAQ you'll ever need for your restaurant.

Why Recruiting Platforms Don't Attract Shift Workers

On average, restaurants retain hourly employees for less than 2 months, managers for 4 months. Here are 5 hiring platforms designed for the restaurant industry and shift workers.

Opus Industry Digest: Week 11

61% of job applications were completed over mobile in 2020, virtual meetings are a win for introverts, the new relief bill targets small operators, and meat producers ride the meatless wave

Free, weekly COVID Guide for Restaurants: March 15, 2021

Free COVID guide for restaurants (link updated weekly)

Opus Industry Digest: March 9, 2021

7 good reads about the food industry, curated for CEOs and people leaders in the industry

Free, weekly COVID Guide for Restaurants: March 8, 2021

Free COVID guide for restaurants (link updated weekly)

Opus Industry Digest: March 3, 2021

7 good reads about the food industry, curated for CEOs and people leaders in the industry

How is the role of restaurant CPO changing?

Highlights from our Fireside Chat 🔥 with CPOs from Ruth's Chris, Smokey Bones, and Paris Baguette on the evolved role of Restaurant CPO.

Free, weekly COVID Guide for Restaurants: March 1, 2021

Free COVID guide for restaurants (link updated weekly)

The COVID variant and Its Impact on Workplace Health and Safety

Variants of the COVID-19 virus have been identified. Scientists are working to learn more about them - how easily they spreads, if they cause more severe symptoms, and if current COVID vaccines will protect employees.

Spanish Language Tips for Managers

30% of words in Spanish have a "twin" in the English language. Here's why those words are essential to know if you're learning Spanish.

Free COVID Guide for Restaurants

Free COVID guide for restaurants (link updated weekly)

The Future of Hygiene Training

Christine Schindler, Co-founder of Pathspot, sits down with our CEO, Rachael Nemeth, for a fireside chat

New Course: Cross-Cultural Sensitivity

A course for managers. Develop cultural competence. Communicate better with the diverse employees in your restaurant.

2021 Sexual Harassment Training in Your State

Anti-harassment training guidelines and resources for all 50 states

Who Can Train Your Team in Sexual Harassment?

All the requirements for an anti-harassment training instructor

Washington D.C. Sexual Harassment Training Requirement for Tipped Employees

How the U.S. capital defines training and what's expected of employers

Rhode Island Sexual Harassment Training Recommendations for Restaurants

How the Ocean State defines training and what's expected of employers

New York Sexual Harassment Training Requirements for Restaurants

How the Empire State defines training and what's expected of employers

Maine Sexual Harassment Training Requirements for Restaurants

How the Pine Tree State defines training and what's expected of employers