Get compliant without going grey

Compliance training for deskless teams that automates assignment, re-ups and everything in between

Compliance training should be required and ongoing. But it’s hard to keep up with. Ensure employees understand laws, regulations, and internal policies that govern your business throughout their journey. Make it fun and sticky along the way.


Chat-Based Training™️

Make learning interactive and frontline-first for the first time


Due dates

Stop reminding your team to complete their training. Opus does the work.


Manager experience on mobile

Managers don’t need a laptop to track their team. Opus is the only platform with an iOS and Android app just for managers.


Premium courses at your fingertips

Off-the-Shelf compliance courses are built and maintained by our network of subject matter experts


Measure, report, and rest easy

Compliance can be more than check the box now. Measure, understand, and improve performance.

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