Do more with less

Right now, the businesses with a deskless workforce need software that is purpose-built for doing more with less. Opus uses a microlearning approach to meet your team where they are. This helps reduce the number of hours needed for training. And your team gets up the productivity curve faster.

Micro-learning is designed to take advantage of the spacing effect, so it’s better at helping employees retain information from day 1 to 10,000 because knowledge is learned over time. When different types of content are created in bite-sized pieces, learning can be easily customized to each employee’s needs.

Mobile-first learning

Binging and purging long-form training leads to poor performance on the job. Our training experience mirrors the experience of text message all within a secure mobile app. It’s interactive, fun, and gets better results than traditional gamified methods. Witness 98% trainee retention rate as result.