Embrace human training. Enhance it with digital.

Learning isn’t limited to content catalogs, group chats, and intranets. People learn in unique ways — and in real life. Your managers are a critical piece of fast onboarding, increased sales, and brand consistency. We believe in combining that human interaction with technology. This helps you get more data while decreasing manager admin time.

Blended learning keeps on-the-job training and supercharged it with powerful, lightweight technology. Make your training repeatable and scalable.

Skills that last a lifetime.

Empower managers to be data-driven coaches. Leaders and certified trainers can verify employees in a practical skill like greeting customers or forklift operation. Once employees complete a course, managers give a score and feedback on a hands-on skill that lives on the learner’s profile.

Group of frontline workers smiling
A barista wearing an apron smileing
A chef sitting at a table with a person in a suit
A frontline worker wearing a hardhat and blue shirt smiles while holding a cell phone
Restaurant worker smiling at camera while preparing food

A breath of fresh air for breathless managers

A top reason employees churn is not being properly trained by their manager. But, managers are stretched thin these days. Opus is the only platform that designed a mobile experience specifically for field managers. Help managers track and coach their team all from the palm of their hands.

Frontline Business Intelligence️TM

Data is a powerful tool for businesses. From customers to employees, businesses can gain valuable insights if they know how to collect and use data. Blended learning allows you to collect powerful Frontline Business Intelligence, which we lovingly call “FBI”.