Create together.
Build fast.

Create and customize workplace learning content with your colleagues. Go from admin to author of strategic content.

Multipage manuals are out.  
Multiuser content creation is in.

Auto-translate into 100+ global languages with 99% accuracy

Youtube, Vimeo, Google Docs, Giphy and Unsplash integrated

Live, mobile preview makes content creation faster than ever

Never lose work again with auto-save and version history

Collaborate on the same content, at the same time

Invite team members to get an extra set of eyes

“I love Opus so much. This has given me a defined role and job security. I can build anything I want."

William Gilliam, Training Director at Sea Island Shrimp House

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Reach your multilingual workforce

Opus auto-translates 100% of your content into 100+ global languages, and excludes words that shouldn’t like "sprinkles" or "sprocket".

Team up seamlessly

Leave comments for your team

It's hard to get feedback on content. Opus makes it easy with in-builder commenting and tagging.

Collaborate in real-time

See where your colleagues are building and what they're working on. Chat live and bring your course to life.

Easily share with stakeholders

For those who need to take a peek but don't need the whole show. Change access settings in one click.

500+ templates and full courses to get started. Today.

Improve and build on what you already have

Any moment can be a training moment