Deliver training that reflects the diversity of your workforce

30% of working Americans don’t speak English as their first language. It’s hard to reach those employees through training and technology. This leads to longer ramp times, low productivity, and frustration.

Opus helps businesses with a multlingual workforce create space for everyone. Translations are a must. But we also believe in a core multlingual experience that takes learning to the next level for 100% of your team.

Personalized experience for each employee

Millennial and Gen Z generations are the most diverse workforce in history. Welcome in the next generation of inclusive training technology. Opus translates the entire mobile experience from buttons to banners. Folks can to switch their language any time.

Group of frontline workers smiling
A frontline worker wearing a hardhat and blue shirt smiles while holding a cell phone

Auto-Translated into 100+ languages

Artificial Intelligence

Translate courses in seconds into over 100 global languages. Opus uses neural networks for automated translations and a proprietary machine learning model to understand the quality of those translations. Achieve up to 99% accuracy.

Bring your brand forward

The term Happy Meal™️ shouldn’t be translated. But, legacy tools don’t allow you to control this. Opus is the first platform that allows you to achieve brand consistency with well-known item terms via an override glossary.