Compliance Training

Food Allergen Safety Training

Opus and MenuTrinfo® have teamed up to offer AllerTrain® and AllerTrain®Lite. Deliver expertly built food allergen safety training that reaches 100% of your employees. Plus, get our Price Match Guarantee*

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Compliance training built for your frontline

Opus helps you roll out compliance training that actually keeps your employees and your business safe.

  • Translated in 100+ languages
  • Micro lessons designed to be done over time at work, reducing training labor hours
  • Mobile-first training with instant certifications so you're compliant fast
  • One place to track all assignment progress and completion statuses

Common Questions

How does Compliance Training on Opus work?

Opus makes compliance training as easy as possible for everyone. We've partnered with industry-leading, accredited certification providers to turn their expertise into training that's engaging for your frontline team.

  • Decide approximately how many trainings you need. Buy in bulk to save upfront as your business grows.
  • We’ll help you get set up and add in your employees via HRIS integration.
  • Create rules for assignment so that each employee gets the training for their state and role when you see fit.
  • Track progress, completion, and certification in your Opus dashboard. Certificates are immediately sent to employees upon completion and can be stored in Opus for safekeeping.
How much does the training cost?

Each training costs $20 and includes both the training and any exam costs. We sell these trainings using credits so that you get bulk discounts and can redeem them across any training. This way, when you purchase credits, you don’t have to use them all at once and can purchase more in your dashboard. Both AllerTrain® and AllerTrain®Lite cost 2 credits per assignment.

Once you're ready to buy, we'll issue you an invoice. You can pay via credit card or ACH.

*We're offering a Price Match Guarantee, so you're see value on all fronts. Training must be comparable in both test and in number of trainings.

Do you have state-specific trainings? What about role-specific?

For AllerTrain® and AllerTrain®Lite, there are no state-specific trainings. AllerTrain® is designed for managers and supervisors, and AllerTrain®Lite is designed for non-supervisors. Together, the two trainings meet mandates across CA, IL, MD, RI and NY.

Where can I find more information?

For more information about AllerTrain®Lite training and credits, you can visit our Knowledge Base.

You can also download a sample of the training using the QR Code below or schedule a demo.

Try the AllerTrain®Lite course yourself

Scan the QR code to get a sample of the course. If you're on mobile, click on this link.

It'll take you to download the Opus app, where you can test drive the training experience firsthand.

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