The Opus micro-course course builder helps you transform your training into mobile-first multilingual courses in minutes, not months. Digitize, modernize, and make your content accessible. You'll create chat-based courses like a pro even if you're a newbie to instructional design.


Not mobile responsive, mobile-first. Deliver interactive microcourses to every mobile device with no effort. Create your course then publish. Your course will be accessible everywhere immediately. Unlike LMS, there's no need to adjust for devices and experiences.

Fast authoring

Keystrokes, autosave, and a lightning fast database ensure that you build quickly and can ignore what's under the hood. Leave that to us. Just add prompts, media, quizzes, and surveys and build lessons in under 10 minutes.

Image and GIF Library

Sometimes you don't have time to create media. Access royalty-free GIPHY and Unsplash images too. All media comes through fast and consistently to your team.

Host your own media

Host your own images and videos on Opus without going through third parties if you prefer. Or simply paste your YouTube and Vimeo files into your course. Play videos within the real-time previewer as well.

Real-Time Preview

See your course grow before your eyes so you create it. Our editor ensures you can see how your course will appear on mobile devices, instantly. No back-clicking, no save-and-peek, no refresh. How...refreshing.


Get a second opinion on your course in two ways. Admins can view each other's courses and make edits with ease - we track versions. You can also send a lesson directly to a colleagues phone who doesn't have admin permissions in order to get quick feedback.

Edit pre-built courses

Our course builder integrates with the Opus course catalog. Unlike LMS, all Opus chat-based courses in our catalog are editable. Go ahead, use our content and change it as you please. We're happy to give you a jumpstart and the keys.