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Our course marketplace helps you assign training in one click. We partner with subject matter experts so you have off-the-shelf content that saves you time and makes Opus your source of truth for all training. Ensure your workforce is compliant while helping them build the necessary skills to be successful.

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"Lorem ipsum" shouldn’t be used for training templates. None of our templates have placeholder text. They are full and editable. Opus templates leverage Chat-Based Learning™ and are built by learning designers who came from Busuu, CHART, and Guild Education.

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  • Sexual Harassment Prevention (All States)
  • AllerTrain®
  • AllerTrain®Lite
  • Human Trafficking Awareness (CA)
  • Food Handlers Certificate
  • Food Manager Certificate
  • Bystander Prevention (Illinois) ✴️
  • Active Shooter Training

Professional Development

  • Time Management for Team Members
  • Guest Service for Team Members
  • Effective Communication for Team Members
  • How to Show Up for Success for Team Members

Leadership Training

  • How to Be a Great Leader for Managers
  • Managing Time in Leadership
  • Managing Perceptions in Leadership
  • How to Have Difficult Conversations as a Leader
  • 3 writing tips for managers
  • Dealing with Imposter Syndrome
  • What is FMLA?
  • Giving Constructive Feedback to an Employee
  • Building Accountability
  • Appearance and Professionalism
  • Progressive Discipline Fundamentals
  • Accountability to Employees
  • Providing Candidate Feedback Properly
  • Team Meetings
  • DE&I Recruitment Best Practices
  • Coaching Hourly Employees
  • Time Management
  • Retention through Engagement
  • Basic Lesson: Present, Practice, Produce
  • Cost of Goods Sold

Brand & Culture

  • Give and Receive: Feedback Essentials
  • How to create a mantra
  • How to focus on your breathing
  • How to breathe with balance
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Cross-Cultural Sensitivity

HR Onboarding

  • Our Company Benefits: PTO, Medical, Dental, Vision
  • Our Company Benefits: PTO + Health Insurance
  • Flu Shot
  • Mental Health
  • Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Paid Time Off
  • What is Short Term Disability?
  • NYC Parental Leave
  • Sick Leave Policy
  • Training Policy Certification
  • Wage and Hour

Product Knowledge

  • WATS: Waste Management Best Practices
  • What is Vegetarianism?
  • What Does Gluten-Free Mean?
  • What is Veganism?
  • Composting
  • Food Allergens

People Operations

  • Cross-Cultural Sensitivity
  • Spanish Hygiene Words (beginner/intermediate)
  • Spanish Basics (beginner/intermediate)
  • Spanish Training - COVID Safety

Hotels & Hospitality Training

  • Front Desk Training (Hotels)
  • Concierge Fundamentals
  • Handling Difficult Customers
  • Professional Housekeeping Training
  • Reservations and Bookings (Hotels)

Guest Experience

  • Wine Service
  • The Art of Customer Recovery
  • Restaurants - How to Greet Customers
  • Front Desk Training (Hotels)
  • Concierge Fundamentals
  • Handling Difficult Customers
  • Professional Housekeeping Training
  • Reservations and Booking (Hotels)
  • Coat Check Best Practices
  • Reading Body Language


  • 4-Walls Marketing
  • Upselling Menu Items
  • New Menu Item