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Opus gives you the power to design micro-courses lightning fast and deliver them over text message. Train consistently, gain visibility, and increase productivity with your whole team.

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We build for deskless workers.

It's why our customers love us

Opus is breaking down barriers to career growth.

Luke Holden
CEO, Luke's Lobster

Opus is one of the most game-changing tools I’ve seen in years.

Ashley Christensen
CEO, AC Restaurants

Opus is changing the way we think about training.

Alejandro Muñoz-Suarez
CEO, Fuku

We build for deskless workers.
That’s why our customers love us.

Luke's Lobster

“We chose to work with Opus to break down barriers for development and career growth at Luke’s. Training is so important to the success of our work environment, and providing new opportunities like this is an essential part of our core values for the business.”

- Luke Holden, Luke’s Lobster

Ashley Christensen Restaurants

"Opus is one of the most exciting, game-changing tools I've seen in years. It streamlined our approach to providing consistent, inclusive training, while freeing up time for our managers. Opus is strengthening our work culture and creating new growth paths for our frontline workers."

- Ashley Christensen, AC Restaurants

Activate your workforce in minutes, not months

Create your course

Create your cohorts

Invite your team

If you know how to text, you know how to use Opus

Deliver text message courses set up for any use case

New Hire Training

Welcome and connect with new hires. Teach your company values. Introduce the leadership team. Certify employees in your company policies from day 1.

State Compliance

Ensure physical and psychological safety of your employees. At the same time eliminate the costs that come with gathering signatures, retraining, and keeping records.

Standard Operating Procedures

Turn tribal knowledge into training. SOPs are communicated verbally with little tracking. Change the game and deliver consistent procedural training.

English as a Second Language

Be inclusive with your training and offer ESL to your team. Provide a tool for managers and employees to communicate better while you keep your people longer.


Launch lessons that achieve a collective goal. From menu changes to adjustments in a standard operating procedure, campaigns keep your team updated every shift.

Build a custom course before you finish your coffee

Transform your existing slides, videos, and training manuals into text message courses in as little as five clicks.

Use company videos, photos, and GIFs

Your content is amazing. It's time to leverage it better. Opus is a unique learning system that ensures your content is seen, understood, and enjoyed.

Translations that ensure inclusivity

Built-in course translations make your team feel welcome during each part of the employee lifecycle.

Combine courses into skill paths

Are you just checking boxes? Then Opus isn’t right for you. Movement matters. We’re here to help you create pathways for everyone.

Or take advantage of our expansive course library

Authored by instructional designers and subject matter experts specializing in workforce learning

Take charge of employee growth in the new era of work

Whether a single course or your whole training platform, Opus supports you through every step of the employee lifecycle.

Opus easily adapts to your organization's needs

Not convinced? Hear why our customers chose text message training for their frontline.