Campaigns support company-wide initiatives in 2 clicks. Create a chat-based course, assign it to a group or everyone, set a due date, and breathe easy. When a campaign is delivered to your team in Opus, it pauses their regular training and lets your team know that this is what is most important. Once completed, it's back to regularly scheduled lessons. Unlike LMS, campaigns get the job done.

Why Campaigns Work

Just like team work, assigning a course to a group of people to start and complete at the same time creates a culture of collaboration. What world will you create when you have the power to tell employees to simply text "GO" at the start of their shift to complete the company-wide menu training? Or get a refresher on your anti-harassment policies? Or learn why you got that violation at yesterday's inspection and how to fix it? Think of campaigns as your best method of delivering synchronous learning to a workforce that is out of synch.

Use Cases

• Policy Changes

• Anti-Harassment Training

• DE&I Training

• Product Updates

• New SOPs and Processes

• Seasonal Menu Roll Outs

• Mandates and Regulations

...the list goes on

How campaigns work

1. Create a chat-based lesson, course, or choose a pre-built course from the Opus Catalog

2. Choose the locations and roles who need it. Or choose everyone.

3. Select a due date to hold folks accountable to completion

4. Assign the course to everyone in 1 click

4. Send a blast out to let your workforce know what to expect