Knowing where we are and where we can go in our career is critical to the future of work. Today, this is difficult especially for “deskless” employees. We built a work learning tool that is in tune with employee questions and interests so that the thirst to engage and grow endures. That is human nature and we have sequestered it with legacy systems. Opus is simplicity and speed up front with research-backed learning design tucked under the hood.

Content Made Easy

Build Fast. Sleep Better.

87% of operators report that lack of custom content is what's holding them back from deploying best-in-class training. The dirty secret is you have the content, you just don't have the tools. Build lessons in under 10 minutes. Enjoy a cup of coffee to celebrate.

Interactive Training

Harvard Business Review reports that gamification has a poor effect on learning performance. Opus is interactive and includes managers in the process, helping you achieve high ROI from day 1. 

Collaborate with Others

Co-build lessons with colleagues *live* without interrupting each others work. Never build alone again.

Real-Time Sync

See changes occur live. While Gabby adds questions, Tina adds videos. All in the same lesson at the same time.

Give and Receive Comments

(Coming soon!) Make training a team sport by leaving comments and suggestions for your coworkers on their lessons.