Say goodbye to office computers, forgotten passwords, and intranets. Opus HQ helps you store, curate, and distribute employee resources in 2 clicks and a text message.

Every company needs one. A place where you can store files and resources that employees can access easily. The problem is, these resources are hard to access no matter where you store them. If they're in a binder, access is limited. If they're on a google drive, they're hard to organize. If they're on an LMS, they're viewed as "training" rather than what they really are...resources. Opus HQ is a mobile-first company hub where admins can store and organize manuals, videos, and other files for your frontline. All while your employees have resources at their fingertips while on the job.

How it works

1. Add resources to your dashboard to curate your company HQ

2. Use magic translations to make each file accessible

3. Employees text the word INFO on their phone to request your company HQ

4. Let happiness commence

Distribute resources like a pro

• Videos, PDFs, PNGs, and JPGs

• Company announcements

• Menus and recipes

• SOPs

• Pre-shift notes

• Job aids

• Policies and procedures

• Employee handbooks

• How-to videos

...the list goes on