When labor is tight, ensuring your team is prepared is critical. But the stress of learning a new process of procedure can be debilitating when there are so many other tasks to complete. Opus helps you deliver training that is simple, digestible, and eliminates labor dollars while ensuring employees start, stay, and grow.

Why Opus?

Accessibility matters. 98% of Americans have a cell phone. Meanwhile only 25% of employees have an active working email. Oopus helps you deliver your training over mobile. It's accessible to your entire workforce and empowers your site managers rather than burdening them. Your workforce is already mobile. Meet them where they are.

Why make the leap from paper training?

If your learning solution is on paper, your team doesn't not have time to read it, the version is wrong, and short attention spans prevent reading at all. At the same time, computer-based learning management systems could be excluding the majority of your workforce. Mobile-first training solutions ensure that learning is inclusive and efficient for everyone.

Why make the leap from LMS?

There are 1,200 Learning Management Systems (LMS) on the market. They are all built for for deskworkers. LMS aren't accessible. They use email logins and require a computer or tablet in order to access learning. Opus not only helps you achieve high adoption and employee training engagement, it makes you an employer of choice.