Getting managers to care about company training is hard. Corporate initiatives can diverge from hair-on-fire training problems at the location level. The Opus mobile app gives your managers visibility into corporate training initiatives while providing them with the tools to engage their team in-the-moment.

A Gallup study found that managers account for 70% of variance in employee engagement. This leads to knowledge gaps and breaks in compliance. The Opus mobile app helps managers invite, train, and nudge their team quickly and within working hours.

How It Works

Invite Team Members Fast

Managers use the app to invite employees to sign up in one tap. Employees scan a QR code and sign up in 10 seconds.

Train On-The-Fly

When you're short-staffed, you need to train fast. The app helps managers send location-based lessons and blasts in minutes.

Deploy TikTok-Sized Videos

Managers can blast 30-second videos in 2 taps. From how-tos to friendly reminders and announcements.

Translate Blasts Quickly

Opus uses AI-driven, 95% accurate translation technology that eliminates the need to copy-paste from Google Translate.

Require Read Receipts

Get accurate confirmation of who has and has not seen a blast or lesson. Track and nudge team members with ease.

Activate Micro-Courses

Managers can assign a one-off lesson from your company library to a team member. Make one-to-one moments count.