Getting teams to adopt and engage with your training is hard. Corporate initiatives can diverge from hair-on-fire training problems at the location level. The Opus mobile app makes training easy and makes tracking seamless for you and your managers.

How It Works

Mobile-first Training

Keep training focused in a familiar, chat-based experience. Employees stay engaged. Knowledge retention increases.

Invite Employees Fast

Managers use the app to invite employees to sign up in one tap. Employees scan a QR code and sign up in 10 seconds.

Activate Courses In Minutes

Assign lessons and courses automatically to your team. Adjust with operational needs and the employee life cycle.

Curated Files and Resources

Accessible company resources are just as critical as lessons. Employees access files and media in 1 tap.

"Manager Mode"

Managers need great tools too. They invite, track their team, and send video message blasts in 2 taps.