Opus simplifies, unifies, and amplifies learning in your restaurant. Create, experience, and manage self-paced courses, blended cohort programs, and more. And track it all continuously.

Lightning fast adoption

Employee sign up and download the app in 10 seconds. Opus is Ipad compatible too.

Verify on-the-job skills

Know what and how each employee is learning—surfacing the right content at the right time to ensure the knowledge sticks fast.

The fastest content builder

Go from idea to course in under 10 minutes. And, distribute important changes in 2 clicks.

The largest course catalog

Leverage our expansive course catalog built by subject matter experts and 97 course templates

Integrated company files

Employees access files and media in 1 tap and within lessons and messages.

Manager Tools

Invite and track their team, create and send quizzes, and send video message blasts in 2 taps.