Texas Sexual Harassment Training

Texas Sexual Harassment Training

In September 2021, Texas significantly expanded employer obligations under state sexual harassment laws. Under the new laws, SB 45 and  HB 21, Texas laws have changed. Texas now:

  • Allows victims to sue employers as well as supervisors and managers for sexual harassment
  • Extends the time in which employees can file a sexual harassment charge
  • Expands employer liability for sexual harassment where the employer does not take “immediate and appropriate corrective action.”

Act Now

Robust sexual-harassment-prevention training is recommended for all employees. The training should cover all policies and reporting procedures as well as methods for sexual harassment prevention in the workplace. Sources recommend that training for Texas-based employers is relevant to their industry as well.

Texas Sexual Harassment Training on Opus

Our sexual harassment and implicit bias courses are designed by the education experts at Opus Training in partnership with Gunderson Dettmer, one of the top employment law firms in the country.

Meets State Training Compliance Mandates

  • SB 45 and HB 21

Deliver training over mobile

With mobile-first training that's delivered over chat, witness 100% compliance in days, not months. Employees sign up with a QR code.

Interactive, 3-minute lessons

Keep training labor dollars to a minimum with microtraining that delivers Texas sexual harassment prevention in short bursts throughout the workweek.

Automated, Accurate Translations

Provide training in English, Spanish, French. Limited English speaking employees can fully access Opus.

Custom, Digital Certificates

Employees receive a personalized digital certificate to their phone. Track certificates earned in your dashboard.

Course Overview: Fundamentals

1. What is harassment?

2. Who, What, Where can Sexual Harassment occur?

3. The Power of Saying "No"

4. Quid Pro Quo harassment

5. Who can be a harasser? Who can be harassed?

6. Being off the clock, being on or off work property

7. 3rd parties: Customers

8. 3rd parties: Vendors

9. Sexual orientation and sexual harassment

10. Sexual Harassment and Race

11. Sexual Harassment and Religion

12. Employer Legal Requirements

13. What is retaliation? What are examples?

14. Bystander Intervention

15. How to File a Complaint

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