Meet your workforce where they are

Opus helps you engage your frontline team with mobile-first training done over chat. Ensure your team starts, stays, and grows.

Deliver Chat-based Training

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are for deskworkers, and paper training is hard to manage. Opus delivers lessons over mobile devices so that learning is accessible to 100% of your team.

Activate Micro-courses

The global attention span in shrinking. Send bite-sized lessons in any language. Your team to increase knowledge retention so employees learn faster.

Provide a Mobile Hub

The resources hub is a mobile-first employee drive. Store and organize company docs so employees have resources at their fingertips while on the job.

Engage Managers Easily

The Opus mobile app keeps employees engaged and managers happy. With the app, managers can blast out messages and in-the-moment lessons to team members in under 20 seconds.

Stay Compliant

Employees always train on the clock with Opus and in 3-minute bursts. This ensures you stay wage & hour compliant and aligns with 80/20 laws.