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Restaurant teams are being prioritized for the COVID-19 vaccine, but there's one problem...

Studies show that 1 in 3 employees is skeptical of the vaccine. Empower your team with CDC-compliant COVID safety and vaccine awareness training in English, French, Spanish, and Khmer.

COVID Safety Courses:

• COVID fundamentals (8 lessons)

• COVID coming to work (3 lessons)

• Chemical safety & disinfection (6 lessons)

• COVID customer service (6 lessons)

• Vaccine awareness (2 lessons) - NEW

Opus delivers fast, interactive employee training over text message. Lessons are shift-optimized and never burdensome. Real-time insights are delivered to you in a beautiful dashboard and our micro-learning approach saves you thousands on labor. Stay compliant. Keep your team safe. Get your budget back.

Setup is so easy, it's always free.