2021 Events for Restaurant Operators

Madison Berger
Communications Intern
July 7, 2021

With in-person events on the rise once again, here are five conferences and trade shows that every restaurant operator should consider attending. We've tracked down foodservice shows that are not only well-respected, but will highlight what's to come in the food industry.

Foodservice Shows for Restaurant Owners

  1. Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo (August 22-24) 
  2. Northwest Food Show (August 1-2)
  3. Interactive Customer Experience (ICX) Summit (June 1-3) 
  4. Marcum New York Food & Beverage Summit (September 9) 
  5. The 24th Annual Taste of Middlesex

1. Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo

           ✔️Website: https://www.westernfoodexpo.com/

           ✔️When: August 22-24

           ✔️Where: Anaheim, CA

           ✔️Who should attend: Restaurant operator, chef, cater, etc.

           Register here

          Psst: With registration, you will receive access to 5 Education Summits, culinary demonstrations,           special events, workshops, ... and cue the           music, lots           of networking!! 

2. Northwest Food Show

           ✔️Website: https://www.nwfoodshow.com/

           ✔️When: August 1-2


           ✔️Who should attend: Restaurant operator, chef, cater, etc.

           Register here

           Psst: Food Network star, Scott Conant will be on the cooking stage August 1 at 12:30pm - don't miss out on their advice not only at making memorable           dishes but great businesses as well. You may even be lucky and see him make his signature spaghetti that people can't get enough of.

3. Interactive Customer Experience (ICX) Summit

           ✔️Website: https://icxsummit.com/

           ✔️When: June 1-3, 2022

           ✔️Where: Columbus, OH

           ✔️Who should attend: B2C businesses interested in using technologies to enhance the customer experience

           Register here

4. Marcum New York Food & Beverage Summit

            ✔️Website: https://www.marcumevents.com/events/marcum-new-york-food-beverage-summit

            ✔️When: September 9, 2021

            ✔️Where: NYC

            ✔️Who should attend: Food and beverage executives

             Register here

             Psst: At this summit, they will crown the 'Most Innovative Emerging Food & BeverageCompany" - any food or beverage venture with less than $10 million              in annual revenue with the chance for long-term success. There is a nomination form along with tear sheets/and or product information under the              Nominee tab to be completed by August 2, 2021 and sent to  flo.federman@marcumllp.com.

5. The 24th Annual Taste of Middlesex

            ✔️Website: https://patch.com/new-jersey/edison-metuchen/calendar/event/20210927/1050674/2021-taste-of-middlesex

            ✔️When: September 27, 2021

            ✔️Where: Edison, NJ

            ✔️Who should attend: Restaurants in the Greater Edison area, as well as in and around Middlesex County.

             Register here or call the Chamber at (732) 738-9482 and they will send over an application.

             Psst: You will hear from a host of renowned speakers, including Biagio Scott (President of Villa Restaurant Group and Managing Member of Scotto              Properties), Jeff Swearingen (Global Sr. Vice President of PepsiCo's Demand Accelerator) & Louis Biscotti (entrepreneur and national leader of Marcum's              Food and Beverage Services group).

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