What's next for restaurant technology? It's not what it seems. In the headlines there is "delivery tech", but behind the scenes, the "restaurant tech stack" is getting more sophisticated in the new era of work. Hear from up-and-coming companies that are serving the needs of back-of-house teams with modern, meaningful solutions.

Highlights from our Fireside Chat 🔥 with Josh Sharkey (Meez), Daniel Estrada (86 Repairs), and Rachael Nemeth (Opus). Moderated by Deepti Sharma.

2022 Frontline Fireside Chat: Rachael Nemeth, CEO of Opus, Daniel Estrada, CEO of 86 Repairs, Joshua Sharkey, CEO of Meez and Moderator Deepti Sharma.

Quotable Quotes

“What matters most in workforce software is adoption. Can the team actually use this software? Will they use this software? Is it built for them?  It doesn't matter how good it is or how many bell and whistles it has, or how many reports you're giving them; if they don't use it every day, then it really doesn't matter. Adoption matters.”  - Josh Sharkey, Founder of Meez

“Restaurant employees are communicating via text, they're communicating via WhatsApp, they're on these channels.  Frankly, it would make our offering a lot less valuable and sticky with our customers if we forced them to use some other communication channel that they're not already using in the first place.” - Daniel Estrada, Founder of 86 Repairs

“Frontline teams had no access to great training. The home office team does all of the investment is going toward the 10% of folks that are sitting in the office, but the real need is for those on the field. This is not a content problem. That is a technology problem.” - Rachael Nemeth, CEO of Opus

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