In our webinar series, we welcomed Carol and Natania for a fireside chat to discuss the future of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training specifically in the context of restaurants and the food industry in 2021.

  • Carol Crocker Lewis: Director DE&I, Compass Group
  • Natania Malin Gazek: Industry DE&I Consultant
  • Rachael Nemeth: CEO, Opus

Carol Lewis is the Director, Diversity and Inclusion for a well-known account with Compass Group. Prior to joining Compass Group, Carol was Senior Manager, D&I at Kellogg Company and Affirmative Action and Diversity & Inclusion Manager at Boeing.

Natania Malin Gazek (she/her and they/them) runs a diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting practice, leveraging her decade of cross-sector experience putting employees first to improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

Watch it here