When I was a kid, tales of Don’s World of Beef were nothing short of enchanting. Don’s was my grandpa’s restaurant. Based in Kansas City, MO, they served up sandwiches like “The Beefy” with Don’s Special Relish.

His TV ads were unforgettable. Like the one where he was covered up with a sheet on an operating table. Then he suddenly sat up and said “It’s time for a beefy break!”.

His secret sauce (as we like to say in start ups) was a partnership with Allright Parking. With each new downtown location came a shiny new Don’s right in the middle of its busy lot.

In its heyday, Don’s had 13 shops and lore maintains that he gave Arby’s a run for their money.

I’m grateful for these stories and the lineage that came with them. My mom, aunts and uncle all worked in his restaurants. My dad was a teacher by day and worked at Steak ‘n’ Ale at night. My brother worked in restaurants. And, my first 13 years of work were in restaurants too.

I’m grateful to the service industry professionals who keep our economy humming. You bring joy into so many lives each day. Please enjoy these photos of Don’s as a tribute to my grandpa and his entrepreneurial sprit.

Don's World of Beef during lunch hour at the mall. Don's was one of the first quick service restaurants of its kind.
The Don's World of Beef menu. "Mad World of Beef" was one of many taglines used.
An advertisement for Don's Restaurant and Lounge, the full-service offshoot of Don's World of Beef.
A Don's World of Beef employee, well-coifed and getting ready for the dinner hour.