With 2023 off to the races, it's time to pause and spotlight some recent feature releases. Each month we'll be rounding up major product updates, feature enhancements, and tips from our team in a video recap so that you can stay up to date. Watch our video recap above or keep reading to get the full rundown:

🌐 Translations

At the end of 2022, we released Translations, giving you the ability to automatically translate all of your training content and messages in Opus to across 100+ languages and scripts. Translations enables your team to learn in the language they know best with up to 99% translation accuracy. Maintain brand consistency with a glossary of terms that never get translated.

🚫 Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

We know that rolling out compliance training is a pain. It’s expensive, difficult to track across state requirements, and out-of-the-box training isn’t relevant to your employees. That’s why we launched a set-it and forget-it signup flow so that you only have to configure SHP compliance for your team once. Confirm your locations, employees, preview the content, set up your auto-renew rules, and we’ll handle the rest. Get your entire team compliant for just $10 per person.

👥 HRIS Integration Enhancements

Our HRIS integration now works better than ever. Thanks to customer feedback, Opus now automatically assigns new trainees to their location and role once they sign up. This enhancement also adds any new locations and roles from your HRIS into Opus and smooths over any discrepancies—like misspelled names—creating more harmony between the 
two systems.

📱 Mobile App Updates

Bulk-Assign Content from the Mobile App

Assign multiple pieces of content to trainees in the mobile app.

Multiple Correct Answers on Quizzes

Now multiple choice questions can have more than one right answer.

Login Confirmation via Phone

Can you hear that? It’s the ability to login through an automated phone call, not just SMS.

✏️ Tip of the Month

Did you know you can send videos to employees in the Opus Training mobile app? Make timely announcements and turn in-between moments into learning opportunities by recording a video with your smartphone and sending it out to your team.