Week of March 15 - Highlights

💉 Alaska becomes the first state to make vaccines available to anyone 16 years or older

⬆️ Maryland restaurants can open at 100% capacity, up from 50%

⬆️ Minnesota increases indoor dining limits to 75%, up from 50%

⬆️ Nevada increases indoor dining limits to 50%, up from 35%

⬆️ NJ moves from 35% to 50% indoor dining capacity this Friday

⬆️ NY moves to 75%, NYC moves to 50%

😷 Wyoming lifts its mask mandate and all restaurant restrictions tomorrow

What is the Opus COVID guide for restaurants?

COVID restrictions and guidelines for restaurants are being issued at the local level. Governors' offices are constantly changing business requirements as the virus changes shape. We dedicated a team to supporting you with a weekly COVID guide. From Alabama to Wyoming and every state in between, we have you covered.

• Downloadable and free

• A spreadsheet listing requirements in each state

• View mask, social distancing, vaccine, and dining capacity requirements

• Stay on top of violations, fines, and fees

• Updated weekly per local government resources