An Opus Fireside Chat that seeks to understand the root of the labor shortage in hospitality as the world returns to "normal". Or is this the same problem we have always seen in the industry?


Alice Cheng: Founder & CEO, Culinary Agents

Firas Louati: COO, Hospitality Capital Partners

Jackie McMann-Oliveri: Director of Talent & Culture, Bobby Flay's Restaurant Group

Rachael Nemeth: CEO & Cofounder, Opus

Key Moments

5:42: common misconceptions of recruiting

12:01: role of managers in recruitment

16:43: what is actually causing the restaurant labor shortage?

26:00: what impact does training have on recruitment?

31:00: recruitment strategies37:00: attracting the new generation of talent

40:00: referral bonuses

47:00: are consolidated HR ​platforms helping or hurting?

53:00 : predictions for recruiting in 2021

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