Highlights from our Fireside Chat 🔥 with David Hyatt (Ruth's Chris) Rachael Kelly (Smokey Bones) and Michelle Jagroop (Paris Baguette) on the evolved role of Restaurant CPO.

Quotable quotes

The skills to have safe conversations and hold safe space is important right now. CPOs have to 1) be the subject matter expert and guide the system and 2) facilitate the emotional and psychological safety of your team ~Rachael Kelly

HR is multi-function: brand, operations, strategy, finance. The true CPO looks at all parts of the business because we touch them all. As a CPO you have a seat at the table, you really need to take advantage of it. ~David Hyatt

How you treat people, lead them, recognize them, reward them, and hold them accountable is key. If you implement those standards consistently then D&I is a natural byproduct. Not a statistic you have to work for, but second nature. ~ Michelle Jagroop

When I got into HR I thought it was all function, hiring and checking boxes, but that's 10% - the other 90% is strategy. It's about what eyes you have on the business and what partnerships you're building internally to cover culture and compliance. ~ ✨ Rachael Nemeth