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Contactless condiments, how interrupting during meetings can support inclusivity, 75% of HR professionals perform duties beyond their role, Chipotle invests in autonomous delivery, and why companies are vaccinating employees at work.

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HR Has Entered Every Facet of Business

75% of HR professionals say they perform duties outside the scope of their role. As the evolution of workplace roles and environments continues to accelerate, so to has the need to bring HR teams closer to business strategy. Reputation and transparency are also increasingly important - 74% of employees globally believe companies should take a stance on societal issues. HR Diver (9 min)

Contactless Condiments Are Here

75% of restaurants say they will continue offering contactless solutions even after COVID has subsided. Heinz is banking on the trend with a touchless ketchup (and mustard and mayo) dispenser. Customers wave their hands in front of a sensor to trigger a dollop of their favorite condiment. On the beverage side, Coca-Cola will launch a phone-operated touchless soda dispenser this summer. Restaurant Business (2 min)

Legal Services as an Employee Benefit?

The past 12 months were uncharted territory for employers and employees alike. Well-being and support in the workplace have never been more top of mind. Offering voluntary benefits -discounted rates on atypical products like identity theft insurance, veterinary bills and legal services - are a great way for leaders to expand employee offerings. Inc. (3 min)

Food Investment Strategies of the Future

Finding second generation plant-based foods that go beyond imitation meat, moving up the supply chain to support food source technologies, ocean regeneration, vertical farming - these are just some of the areas that venture firms and finance are focusing on in 2021. Food Dive (5 min)

Why Industries Are Choosing To Vaccinate at Work

Chobani, JBS, and Tyson Foods have been vaccinating workers on site in partnership with local health departments and pharmacies. Leaders believe onsite vaccinations help to bypass common questions like: Where can I get vaccinated? How much does it cost? Speed is also a benefit - vaccinating employees en masse at work gets staff and the surrounding community back to normal quicker. Fast Company (4 min)

Knowing When to Interrupt is Critical

Many of our workdays have been consumed by virtual meetings. The rules of engagement have changed, and knowing how to interrupt is key to making space for everyone. Best practices include: making yourself heard at the start of the call, speaking up for others who've been spoken over, and knowing your team's tendencies. Harvard Business Review (3 min)

Why Chipotle Invested in Nuro

Nuro is a 5 year old autonomous vehicle company. Kroger, Walmart and CVS are also investors. The small driverless vehicle is optimized for food and beverage storage + delivery in ways that a driver and his personal vehicle are not. For restaurant food, the range for these vehicles is often less than "last mile" delivery - safety and quality assurance being the top priority. Fast Company (7 min)