Industry Digest: Week 15

David Lamont
Customer Success
October 12, 2021

Weekly Opus Industry Digest: April 19, 2021

The gist

🍟 McDonald's doubles down on anti-harassment training, 🌯 employee education program drives professional growth at Chipotle, the return of the Michelin star ⭐️, and the open plan office is over🚪

Top 7

McDonald's To Require Ongoing Anti-Harassment Training Worldwide

All 39,000 McDonald's locations will be required to provide employee training addressing harassment, discrimination and violence in the workplace. The burger chain's plans include new hire training and annual training. Store operators must also administer routine employee and manager surveys to assess the state of the workplace. Chicago Tribune (5 min)

How Chipotle Boosted Retention and Development Through Education

Chipotle launched a tuition free college degree program for eligible employees in 2019. The program recently expanded to included agriculture, hospitality, and supply chain management among the 75 degrees available. The benefits are clear: for those enrolled in the program, retention rate is 3.5 times higher and they are 7.5 times more likely to move into management roles. Restaurant Business Online (2 min)

Hiring Slows Restaurant Recovery

Outdoor dining season is back, vaccinations are on the rise, and indoor dining regulations are being phased out. But operators looking to hire are finding that many of the workers that were lost during the pandemic have left the industry for good. A possible solution: offering unprecedented benefits, perks, and bonuses. The Counter (8 min)

How NYC Food Pantries Became Distribution Warehouses

Small food pantries are delivering 60% more food than they were in 2019. 40% of soup kitchens and pantries closed permanently last year, the ones that remain have had to expand operations rapidly. With grant money and donations, pantries invested in equipment they'd never needed before: electric pallet jacks, forklifts, walkie talkie sets. New York Times (6 min)

Michelin Stars Are Back!

Michelin has returned with a virtual series highlighting awards and restaurant guides for Washington D.C., Chicago, and New York. Guides for other states are expected later in the year, with California up next, and the company has revealed a new green star for sustainability. Michelin's return is not without controversy, some doubt the merit of evaluations as many restaurants continue to fight their way back. Eater (2 min)

Following in the Footsteps of a Controversial Leader

Stepping into a leadership role previously held by an unpopular or divisive individual can be challenging to navigate. Tension and expectations are high and everyone's looking to you. Start by acknowledging the positive impact of your predecessor. Set the vision, then employ what has worked and discard what hasn't - use learnings from past missteps to fuel the way forward. Harvard Business Review (4 min)

What Comes After the Open Office

For employees that have spent some or all of the past year working from home, the loud, public open plan office may feel like an outdate relic. It's a homogenous work environment that may not address the variety of employee needs that have dominated workplace discussions in recent months. Here are some alternatives, optimized to address noise, privacy and productivity. Fast Company (4 min)