In the latest episode of The Frontline, Opus CEO Rachael Nemeth was on the road and live at the Texas Restaurant Show in Dallas Texas where she chats with Khanh Nguyen, CEO of Zalat Pizza. In this episode hear them talk about strategies for increasing product and brand consistency through training in the QSR space. Learn how Zalat got its name and how the role of Pizza Sheriff is a key ingredient their secret sauce.

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Quotable Quotes

"Just being prepared for the world as it is in terms of a business model has made us successful. I think we were a little bit more prepared for the world as it is from a labor perspective. And it's the design of our business model. We decided in going into this business that we weren't just going to open a small pizza corner shop."

"I'll say this about most LMSs. If all you're doing is aggregating pieces of paper, SOPs and  and things that we've typed out and you've put it online and then somebody has to go and print it out. You've done nothing except email shit around, sorry for my french. Right. So there is, you know, you're not improving the ability for, for us to, to either train better or get buy-in. And that buy-in is crucial. Opus is the coolest thing that I've seen in this space. And I truly think the more work we put into it that I tell our folks, this, we have the system that allows us to train any, anybody on anything that is of tremendous value to an organization." 

"It's really just the care and attention, because it's so nuanced if you're not gonna use machinery to cook. If we're gonna chain this out, you know, unit number 500 where I'm probably not gonna be there, how do I ensure that there's a process that makes sure this handmade product is checked by everybody? So that's our pizza sheriff role."