We've compiled our best insights and tips into an empathy course for managers who oversee diverse teams and interact with customers from around the world.

Cross-Cultural Sensitivity: Overview

Course length: 10 workdays | :30 minutes total

As compliance needs continue to rise, it is critical that managers follow new regulations while effectively communicating out in the field. But just knowing the rules won't get you very far if your team (a) doesn't speak English as their first language and (b) is still assimilating to American work culture.

In restaurants, manufacturing facilities, and plants across the U.S., managers are breaking through cultural barriers in order to connect and communicate with their hourly employees. It's important that they have guidance on how to do that responsibly and respectfully.

What managers will learn:

  • The pros and cons of interpreting
  • Tips for learning names
  • Body language around the world
  • Literacy sensitivity
  • How to simplify your speech
  • How fast do you really talk?

Who is it for?

Supervisory-level and higher: Plant managers, Sous chefs, General managers, HR field teams, Facilities managers

Upskilling is more than just a task for hourly teams. It is a lifeline that turns an overwhelmed manager into one who can take on new tasks confidently. Empathy skill-building in particular empowers managers to develop greater interpersonal abilities.

Why should you provide this course?

The diversity of today's workforce requires that employers confront the importance of cultural competence. We now offer unique empathy training for managers. "Cross-Cultural Sensitivity" enables employers to prepare for new business directions and requirements.

Is this chat-based too?

Of course! Managers taking this course will never have to step foot in a classroom or office to complete their training. Cross-cultural Sensitivity is an interactive learning experience. Managers complete one microlesson (3 minutes) each workday. And since all managers have different needs and schedules, they have basic controls to speed up their course if they prefer.