Opus and MenuTrinfo help restaurants become food-allergen certified

Opus Training, the leading mobile-first training solution for employers with a "deskless" workforce, has announced an ongoing partnership with MenuTrinfo®, a leader in food handlers certification, food allergy training, and nutritional labeling certification.

The partnership will allow Opus to offer ANSI-accredited AllerTrain® courses to its customers and provide MenuTrinfo® customers the option of a mobile-first technology platform through the Opus mobile platform.

MenuTrinfo and Opus support thousands of restaurant locations nationwide. MenuTrinfo provides certified menu labeling nutritionals for compliance with FDA regulations, ANSI-accredited food allergy, and gluten-free training as well as modern, accessible food handlers certification. Opus has built proprietary technology that helps employers create, distribute, and track on-the-job learning in a way that is accessible to 100% of their workforce through their mobile app.

Food allergen and food sensitivity

“MenuTrinfo has been delivering ANSI-accredited training for over a decade in person and on traditional eLearning platforms. That changes with the Opus partnership. Opus brings its nationally-respected training technology into a new arena with a platform that meets learners where they are. Providing great content to make it a huge win ultimately for everyone.” - Betsy Craig, CEO of MenuTrinfo

“We exist in the future of work and it is frontline-first --- Betsy and her team at MenuTrinfo wholly align on that thesis. We’ve created a new way to efficiently and effectively deliver critical training to frontline workers. We do that by leveraging their own phone. This partnership will allow Opus to provide additional value to our customers as well as new restaurant operators with MenuTrinfo's accredited food safety training, expanding Opus' accessibility.” - Rachael Nemeth, CEO of Opus

About Allertrain

MenuTrinfoⓇ is a nutritional and menu consulting company, providing programs such as Certified Free From™, AllerTrainⓇ, and a wide variety of services ranging from Consumer Packaged Goods to various levels of food safety guidance, allergy testing, and much more. Headquartered in Fort Collins, CO, MenuTrinfo has built its sterling reputation in the foodservice industry since 2010.

About Opus

Opus is the leading mobile-first training solution for businesses with "deskless" employees. With technology specifically built for the 70% of the American workforce that doesn’t sit at a desk, Opus helps employers engage and train their frontline while increasing output and retention. This allows them to position themselves as employers of choice.