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The top free food forest, the rise of employee activism, the 10 best fries in America, and what healthcare workers can teach us about burnout

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Leadership Skills for an Activist Workforce

Employees are more dialed in than ever to the social, environmental and political impact of the companies they work for. The desire to vocalize their misgivings to those in power is growing. Yet leaders routinely underestimate employees' concerns and overestimate employees' ability to speak up at work. Leaders also overlook the fact that a neutral stance is still a stance. Harvard Business Review (7 min)

How Food Consumers (All of Us!) Are Buying Differently 🥬

53% of consumers will create more meals from scratch in 2021 than they did prior to the pandemic. The result of major food brands in low stock for periods of 2020 meant small brands gained exposure, and saw a nearly 20% increase in store sales. Products that included immune-support and allergy-friendly messaging saw a 13% increase in sales last year. Food Dive (3 min)

Ghosting is Rampant in the Hiring Process

73% of employers ghosted on a job seeker last year. 28% of job seekers ghosted on employers during that same period. Are recruiters overwhelmed by the swell of applicants following the rise in unemployment? Can all this be chalked up to poor communication? HR Dive (3 min)

These Strategies Help E.R. Doctors Avoid Burnout 💪🏾

How do you keep some of the most critical workers in the COVID-19 fight focused and energized? The same way you would any staff navigating unprecedented working conditions. Tips include: emphasizing the "why" of the work, bringing staff into the decision making process, and ensuring equanimity in workload distribution. Inc.(3 min)

Top 10 Fast Food Fries in America

Chick-fil-A dropped 4 spots but still made the list. The seasoning, dips and toppings seem to be the difference maker for most consumers. Excess may also play a factor as well, Red Robin made the list because of their "bottomless fries" menu offering. 47% of those surveyed chose Five Guys, but they weren't number one. Restaurant Business Online (4 min)

Employees Fired for Raising COVID-related Concerns

Following a vaccine mandate from her employer, a waitress in Brooklyn raised concerns about the impact of vaccination on pregnancy and was fired. More recently, a Trader Joe's employee said he was fired for suggesting COVID protocols to the CEO - including improved air circulation and a stricter policy for non-compliant customers. These allegations emerge as companies across the food industry continue to institute vaccine incentives for employees.

America's Largest Free Food Forest 🦌

Atlanta's 7.1 acres of 2500 edible plants is located in a town where 1 in 3 residents live below the poverty line and the nearest grocery store is a half hour bus ride away. Owned by the parks department and maintained by 1,000 volunteers, the land offers free healthy food and a vast green space to locals. CNN (3 min)