There are so many big things in the works for 2023 at Opus. This month, we released:

📈 Completion Reporting

Wave goodbye to graphs and hello to heat maps—we’re taking our first steps to reshaping reporting in Opus. Now you can see real-time data on how employees are completing training content. Track path and course completion rates across all locations and employees, filter down by roles, and sort to see your top-performing locations and trainees in a brand new heat map dashboard.

✨ AI Assist (Beta)

Use the power of AI to write your next first draft. Now you can create full course templates in seconds by using AI Assist in just three simple steps: give a brief description of what your course is about, customize your tone of voice and level of interactivity to match your company’s brand, and hit submit! Instantly generate your new course template, edit as needed, and publish it to your library.

🛍️ Marketplace

We took the old course catalog and gave it a bit of a makeover. Marketplace, our redesigned catalog of prebuilt templates, full courses, and premium content, is now live in Opus. The new Marketplace features a refreshed look and feel with new categories you can easily browse and a suite of new templates and compliance courses you can access by purchasing credits. We’ll be keeping content fresh monthly with dozens of new courses for trainees and managers.  

🤧 AllerTrain®Lite

AllerTrain®Lite is now live in the Marketplace! Built in partnership with MenuTrinfo®, AllerTrain®Lite educates your employees on dealing with food allergies, sensitivities and intolerances, and more severe diseases. Now you can get your whole team trained using set-it and forget-it automation so that your team never falls out of compliance. AllerTrain®Lite is just one of the many new pieces of premium content joining the Marketplace this year.

💰 Refer a Friend to Opus

Friends don’t let friends train with paper. Know someone we should meet? Refer Opus to your friends and receive a $250 gift card of your choice when they complete a demo.