Tech Bites (Heritage Radio Network) host Jennifer Leuzzi held her 3rd annual “end of year look back” and featured CEO, Rachael Nemeth. Listen to Rachael and Jennifer’s conversation as they share perspectives on what’s ahead for tech, training, and the hospitality industry in 2022.

Episode Highlights

In one year, the restaurant and hospitality industry as we know it has drastically changed. Employers are investing more into their training development programs. Employees are using different forms of technology to learn the essential information. The times are changing and we must adapt.

In this podcast, Jennifer and Rachael's conversation highlights the changes that the Opus platform has adapted to; ensuring the best user experiences for frontline teams and their administration. Rachael starts by sharing a staggering statistic that drives the Opus mission, dedicated to the deskless workforce.

It later transitions to a conversation on the history of Opus; why it was created, who it's for, and why it works.  Jennifer and Rachael discuss the new forms of training the hospitality industry highlights and the importance of how it affects the company as a whole.

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