Justin Khanna, the host of The Repertoire Podcast, featured CEO, Rachael Nemeth on episode 150. The Repertoire Podcast is a weekly podcast, where Justin curates chef/restaurant/fine dining news and interviewers relevant thought leaders, food critics, and entrepreneurs to discover insights that can improve your life. Listen to Rachael and Justin as they share perspectives on what’s ahead for training, teaching, and learning in the restaurant industry.

Episode Highlights

“The way that we learn is mobile-first, already. So you have to meet people where they are.”

“Frontline managers aren’t necessarily rejecting systems, but the systems that have been presented to them don’t match the outcomes that they’re looking for. When it’s being shipped down from corporate, it has to align with what's happening.”

“Businesses realize that they need to be reaching four generations. And the best way to do that is through a personal device. You can't do that over email. Your employees are using some of the most sophisticated technology on the planet; their phones. Asking them to switch from that to using a computer that is 20 years old, doesn't actually match what their expectations are.”

“If you aren’t giving them a system that isn’t going to help reduce cost or increase sales, the system shouldn’t have been implemented in the first place. You have to drive business outcomes that are going to help you do a lot more with a lot less.”

“What traditional systems kind of got wrong is that they digitize all of your training. But, people need feedback on how they’re doing. Present lines up the automation for those employees. The practice is a quick assessment or open-ended question. Production is where the magical coaching moment happens. PPP (present, practice, produce) is where really interesting data starts to get shipped upstream.”

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