View our favorite conferences that are bringing the best solutions forward for L&D leaders. From ed-tech to learning at work to think tank-type symposiums, these are our five must-attend events of 2022.

Here Are Our Top 5 Conferences For Training Professionals:

  1. CHART Hospitality Training Conference (March 6-March 9)
  2. Training 2022 Conference & Exposition (February 28- March 2)
  3. Learning Solutions Conference & Exposition (April 20-April 22)
  4. The ATD 2022 International Conference & Exposition (May 15-May 18)
  5. Training Industry Conference & Expo (June 21-June 23)

1. CHART 100 Hospitality Training Conference

CHART is a professional association of hospitality trainers. 600 leaders and 350 restaurants, food service, and lodging companies are a part of this tightly-knit network, sharing best practices and innovations. This is a must-attend for any training director in the restaurant industry. Register by February 17, 2022!

There will also be an opportunity to join the CHART conference in the summer and winter of this year.

When: March 6 - 9

Where: Las Vegas, NV

Who should attend: Training and HR leaders in the food and hospitality industry

Register here.

We'll see you there. Opus will be exhibiting at CHART 100 and we're excited to meet you!

2. Training 2022 Conference & Expo

The Training 2022 Conference is produced by Training Magazine, which provides skill-building content, covering train-the-trainer essentials. From design and development to delivery, management, and evaluation, Training Magazine is a top-notch publication for training leaders. It's no wonder they are taking it to the next level with their 2022 expo.

When: February 28 - March 2

Where: Orlando, FL

Who should attend: Learning and development leaders

Register here.

3.Learning Solutions Conference & Exposition

Learning Solutions Conference & Expo is where learning professionals from around the globe have gathered year after year to share and explore what works in L&D. This year, the Conference will house 120+ practical sessions, invigorating keynotes, many opportunities for attendees to connect, and much more. From Instructional Design, Management & Strategy, Emerging Tech, Tools to Learning Platforms, these sessions are made for every member of a team, from instructional designers to high-level executives.

When: April 20 - April 22

Where: Orlando, FL

Who should attend: Learning and development leaders

Register here.

4. The ATD 2022 International Conference & Exposition

The Association for Talent Development has hosted conferences for over eight decades. Their goal is to inspire and educate training and development professionals. This year's keynote speaker is Jay Shetty, a New York Times bestselling author, life purpose coach, and co-founder of Sama Tea.

When: May 15 - 18

Where: Orlando, FL or virtual options

Who should attend: Talent Development Managers, Trainers, Frontline Managers, etc.

Register here.

5. Training Industry Conference & Exposition

The Training Industry Conference & Expo (TICE) is a learning expo for the corporate learning world. TICE helps build effective leaders of corporate learning and development. This year, TICE will have multiple events for those who wish to join the event from anywhere in the world or visit Raleigh, North Carolina. Those wanting to enjoy TICE from their location can join them either March 22-24 or later in fall 2022.

When: June 21-23

Where: Raleigh, NC or virtual options

Who should attend: Training Directors and Managers

Register here.