Every training director wants it -- a foolproof method for creating great content, even when you're starting from zero. What makes content development challenging? Are there "hacks" for creating training quickly and efficiently? Hear Rachael Nemeth, CEO of Opus Training, and Matt Nelson, CEO of Modern Training and CHART Partner as they walk us through their best strategies for creating great content that's accessible to everyone.

Highlights from our Fireside Chat 🔥 with Matt Nelson, CEO of Modern Training.

Quotable Quotes

“At Modern Training, we want to make sure that we can deliver the right content to the right people. How long does it take to get to the content? How many clicks? There are a lot of cool speakers that are promoted on websites for platforms out there. I think that everyone in the tech industry needs to be hyper-focused on the learner experience. We can all agree that we can't lose a single employee and we're losing more than we ever have. So what can we do to slow that down or stop it? Those details matter.”  - Matt Nelson

“If you've solved for training, you've solved for so many other pieces, such as communication,  or scheduling.  It’s so easy to get wrapped up in an approach that says, ‘all we need for people to do is just check the box” or “I just need for you to get through this new hire training and say that you did it.” This largely comes from platforms that are not accessible to team members. People begrudgingly do it. They create content that's not built for their teams; content that doesn't feel personal. This is the core problem.”  - Rachael Nemeth

“I think we'll see bigger budgets over the next 10 years. I hope that L&D seems to become less centralized. If you have 23 people all in neighboring cubicles, I want to get those people out and see the world and see team members and see mistakes, see opportunities to improve operations, seeing what's getting used in training. We do great work in developing training experiences, but then we don't really ever often get to hear the outcome.” - Matt Nelson